Becoming an Egg Donor

Help infertile couples by giving them the gift of life

Thank you for your interest in our Donor Egg Program. The Virginia IVF and Andrology Center anonymous Donor Egg program offers the possibility of childbearing to women who are otherwise unable to conceive.

The initial screening qualifications to be become an egg donor are:

  • Be between 21 - 32 years of age
  • Have height and weight within the normal range, with a BMI of less than 30
  • Have a complete knowledge of family health history
  • Must not smoke or use drugs
  • Live within 2 hours of the Richmond, Virginia area
  • Have a flexible work or school schedule that will accommodate multiple appointments
  • College education or current enrollment in higher level education preferred
  • A previous pregnancy is desired, but not required

The screening steps include for the Egg Donor Program are:

Completing an extensive personal online application

If you meet our requirements for becoming an egg donor based on the online application, you will then proceed in the screening process.

  • Informational interview with a Donor Program Coordinator
  • Initial lab testing, including a drug urine screening
  • Genetic consultation with a genetic counselor
  • Lab testing for infectious diseases
  • Psychological testing and consultation with a psychologist

Once you meet all screening criteria, you will be added to our egg donor database which anonymously describes your physical traits and ancestry. Potential recipients will then have an opportunity to review this list and select you as their donor. Protecting the anonymity of our donors is extremely important to us so the recipients will not see any identifying information during the selection process. Recipients will only be able to view copies of your toddler photos.

After a couple has selected you anonymously, you will then see one of our Reproductive Endocrinologists. The fertility specialist will prescribe injectable medications to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs. The egg retrieval is performed at Virginia IVF and Andrology Center under light sedation. After a brief recovery period, you will be discharged with instructions for resuming activity.

Compensation to the egg donor is based on a reasonable assessment of the time, inconvenience and discomfort associated with egg retrieval. The current compensation is $4,000 which is presented to the donor on the day of egg retrieval. This income is taxable and Virginia IVF and Andrology Center is required to report this payment to the IRS via a 1099.

If you choose to donate your eggs, you will be helping couples in an extraordinary way. We thank you for considering becoming an egg donor.

Online Egg Donor Application