Financial Policies

Our Philosophy

At Virginia IVF and Andrology Center, we understand that in addition to the emotional stress of infertility, couples are also faced with the financial concerns of seeking infertility diagnosis and treatment.

Treatments for infertility that require in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive technologies utilize a variety of highly trained specialists, precise and sophisticated instrumentation; as well as specialized supplies and medications. It is easy to see that the costs of utilizing assisted reproductive technologies can be significant. We understand the potential financial burden of infertility treatment and have made every effort to minimize our costs and ensure that they are among the lowest.

Insurance Coverage

Some infertility treatment costs may be covered by medical insurance. While many policies pay for the diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of infertility in both partners, they may have limits on coverage for treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). The extent of coverage is highly dependent upon each individual insurance policy and its exclusions.

Understanding the scope of coverage and obtaining the necessary authorizations from an insurance company can be confusing. Our staff at the Virginia IVF and Andrology Center has extensive experience working with insurance companies and understanding patient coverage. We strongly encourage that couples become familiar with their insurance benefits for infertility diagnosis and treatment. Your physician’s business office can be invaluable in helping you to sort through your benefit options. Taking the time to thoroughly understand your insurance benefits will help you make informed decisions on how to proceed with your evaluation and treatment.

While Virginia IVF and Andrology Center has made the decision not to participate with any local insurance carriers, it is very rare that our patients are not able to obtain permission for treatment at our facility. If you have insurance benefits for IVF, most likely your insurance carrier will allow you to come to Virginia IVF and Andrology Center for those services; usually without any out-of-network penalty. Our Business Office will be happy to file courtesy claims to your insurance carrier for all of your services.