Frozen Oocyte Cycle

A Frozen Oocyte Cycle is more commonly referred to as a Frozen Oocyte Transfer, or FOT. It is the process of thawing oocytes and performing intracyctoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Fertilized oocytes (zygotes) are cultured and the resulting pre-embryo(s) are transferred to the uterus in an attempt to achieve pregnancy. The process of FOT is the same as that for a routine in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure with ICSI, except that the frozen oocytes have previously been retrieved and must be thawed in advance of the procedure. FOT has its advantages in that the patient does not need to take expensive ovulation- induction medications and undergo an egg retrieval procedure. Additionally, the uterine receptivity of the patient can be better controlled by the physician to accommodate the pre-embryos. Since fewer medications and procedures are performed for FOTs, the costs are lower than those of an entire IVF cycle.

Virginia IVF and Andrology Center will gladly accept cryopreserved oocytes from other IVF centers or donor agencies for patients who wish to do their Frozen Oocyte Transfer at our facility. Oocytes can be transferred to our storage facility until the patient is ready to thaw and transfer them. Fees may apply.

The success of the thawing process can vary depending on the quality of the oocyte. In general, approximately 75% of all frozen oocytes survive the thawing process. FOTís have not been performed nearly as long as Frozen Embryo Transfers and therefore success rate data is not as extensive. At this time, pregnancy rates for FOT at Virginia IVF and Andrology Center are comparable to those of a fresh IVF cycle.