Cryopreservation of Oocytes for Fertility Preservation

Virginia IVF and Andrology Center offers oocyte freezing for the purpose of fertility preservation in medical need situations and also elective preservation.

Women who are to undergo surgeries or therapies that could affect their fertility are often recommended to undergo an egg retrieval prior to their treatment, if they wish to attempt to have their own children in the future.

If women are unmarried at the time of the egg retrieval, they have the option of freezing oocytes or obtaining donor sperm to create embryos. Many prefer to freeze oocytes in order to have the option to fertilize them with the sperm from a future partner.


Treatments for Cancer and other diseases can affect future fertility. Women facing these challenges have the option to freeze oocytes before undergoing such treatment.

The stored oocytes provide women with an option for having children at a later time or through the assistance of a gestational carrier.


Women are born with all the oocytes they will ever have. During each menstrual cycle, one oocyte is discarded. The remaining oocytes stay in the body; aging and being influenced by health conditions.

Even in healthy women, the quality of oocytes declines during the aging process. This decline in quality increases the chances of genetic abnormalities; such as Down Syndrome, in any future children.

Freezing stops the decline in oocyte quality. After age 35, fertility declines rapidly. Most reproductive physicians agree that it is best to freeze eggs as soon as possible.

Women who want to be empowered with the option to delay child bearing to focus on a career, education, travel, building financial security, or even finding the right partner would benefit from the flexibility frozen oocytes could provide.

The first step in either process is to contact or have your physician contact one of our Reproductive Endocrinologists in order to expedite a consultation. Timing is critical for both egg retrieval and your treatment; so consider starting this process as soon as possible.

Oocyte cryopreservation is offered in our cryostorage facility and subject to our storage policy.