Cryopreservation of Ovaries/Reproductive Tissue

Freezing of ovarian tissue is a process by which a part of the ovary is removed and frozen. The goal of the process is to give patients a possibility of re-implanting the tissue at a later time with the goal of producing normal eggs for reproduction.

It is still considered highly experimental and is generally only considered in specific cases such as patients who need to undergo surgery or medical treatment, particularly radiation and chemotherapy. These treatments can damage the ovaries and cause infertility .

Virginia IVF and Andrology Center will work with surgeons who feel that this process is the only viable option for their patients. The tissue is delivered to Virginia IVF and Andrology Center immediately after surgery. Our in vitro fertilization laboratory staff processes the ovarian tissue through the appropriate freezing process and places it in our cryostorage facility.

The tissue is stored at our facility until such time as the patient directs otherwise. Our storage policies do apply to ovarian tissue; however, there are special yearly rates for this type of storage.