Receiving Donor Eggs

At Virginia IVF & Andrology Center, our goal is to help infertile couples achieve their dream of a lifetime. Through our anonymous Donor Egg program we strive to assist patients, who are unable to produce their own eggs or are otherwise unable to have children, in achieving that goal.

Donor eggs are used to assist conception in women with varied reproductive problems. Women of advanced maternal age (40 years of age or older) are the most common group that require donor eggs. The unfortunate reality is that the ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy is directly related to a womanís age. This decline in fertility is primarily due to the age of a womanís eggs, while the potential of her uterus to sustain a pregnancy continues. Our program offers these women, and all other patients who need the assistance of an anonymous egg donor, the opportunity for a child of their own.

The high success rates we achieve through our Donor Egg program are due to the fact that our donors are young, healthy women.

To be considered as a recipient for donated eggs you must be 51 years old or younger and have a normal uterus. Our facility does not perform in vitro fertilization (IVF) on women who do not meet these criteria due to the higher risk factors to both the mother and baby to carry a pregnancy, or in some cases the physical inability to carry a pregnancy. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommends that female patients over the age of 45 undergo a thorough medical evaluation including a high-risk obstetrical consult prior to undertaking IVF using donor eggs.

If you are interested in receiving donated eggs, you will first need to see one of our Reproductive Endocrinologists who will perform a thorough evaluation of you and your partner.

Once you have been selected as a candidate for egg donation

You will meet with a Donor Egg Coordinator and you will have an opportunity to look at our donor database and select potential donors. During the initial selection process, you will be able to review a thorough medical and genetic history of your potential donors, and we will work closely with you and our Reproductive Endocrinologist to make your final selection.

Once you select an anonymous egg donor, your physician will work to synchronize your monthly cycle with your donorís. She will begin her egg donor cycle. Simultaneously, the Reproductive Endocrinologist will be evaluating your uterus, and have you take estrogen and progesterone in order to prepare your uterus for embryo implantation.

You and your partner will also have to undergo blood testing for diseases which could impact the feasibility of a pregnancy using your selected donor. Virginia IVF and Andrology Center also recommends genetic disease carrier testing on your partner, as well as an informational consult with a psychologist to discuss all aspects of family building using donor eggs.

On the day of egg retrieval, the anonymous egg donor will come to Virginia IVF and Andrology Center to have her eggs retrieved. On the same day, your partner will provide a semen specimen and his sperm will be used to fertilize the eggs. The use of previously frozen sperm or donor sperm is also an option.

Three to five days later, you will come to Virginia IVF and Andrology Center and an embryo(s) will be transferred under ultrasound guidance to your uterus in an attempt to establish pregnancy. You and your physician will work together to establish the appropriate number of embryos to transfer. Any embryos that are not transferred, and meet the criteria set forth by the laboratory, may be frozen and stored for future attempts to become pregnant through a frozen embryo transfer cycle.