Tissue Storage Policy

A monthly fee is assessed for storage of tissue (sperm, embryos, oocytes, ovarian tissue, testicular tissue). Our storage fees are billed on a quarterly basis at the end of each calendar quarter. Bills go out in January, April, July and October and cover any storage fees accrued during the previous three months.

If you have more than one type of tissue stored with us, you will incur separate charges for each type of storage.

We are pleased to offer the following payment options for storage billing:

  1. When you receive your quarterly billing you may pay for a full year at the rate of $420. By paying for a year at once, you will enjoy a $60 per year savings in storage fees per year.

    In order to qualify for the yearly rate, you must intend to keep your storage active for the full year. If you should decide to terminate storage (either by use or consent) before the pre-paid year has past, we will calculate the time in storage during the year at the current monthly rate and refund any remaining balance.

  2. When you receive your quarterly billing, you may pay for that billed quarter at the rate of $120.00. You will continue to receive a bill each quarter in the amount of $120.00.

  3. You may put a credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover) on file with us to be charged automatically in order to pay your quarterly billing.

    This option works only as long as your credit is still active. If it expires, you will have to contact us to provide us with the new credit card information. We prefer not to use this option for yearly storage as credit card expire too often for this to be practical.

If you wish to end your storage:
The only way that storage can be stopped is for the patient (and in some cases partner) to complete and have NOTARIZED the appropriate termination consent form. Storage fees do NOT stop when a procedure is completed (unless all stored material was used) or an account is referred for legal action.

Billing of storage fees will continue until the day the accurately completed consent form is returned to Virginia IVF and Andrology Center. At that time, accrual of new charges will stop; however, billing of charges already accrued to that date may not take place until the time of the next quarterly invoicing.

Virginia IVF and Andrology Center reserves the right to refer any overdue, unpaid balances for legal action. At such time, Virginia IVF and Andrology Center will stop billing directly for the balance; however, we will bill for any future storage fees accumulated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Billing Office at 804-323-9980, option 4 for assistance.