What is Andrology?

Andrology is the medical specialty that studies the male reproductive system, including male fertility and infertility.

At Virginia IVF and Andrology Center, we recognize how important it is to address all aspects of infertility, including those of the male. Our Andrology Laboratory is a full service laboratory staffed with highly skilled and trained technicians who specialize in male infertility.

Diagnostic Testing
We offer diagnostic testing to help your physician pinpoint the presence of conditions such as low sperm count, lack of sperm, abnormal sperm shapes, and low motility of sperm among others.

Post-Vasectomy Testing
For those men who have completed their family, Virginia IVF and Andrology Center offers diagnostic semen testing following the vasectomy to ensure that the procedure was successful and there is no longer viable sperm present in the semen.

Therapeutic Procedures
In addition to the full range of diagnostic testing, we also offer therapeutic procedures to aid in the treatment of infertility. These therapeutic procedures include Semen Washing and Sperm Isolation which prepare the semen for insemination and the freezing of sperm for future assisted reproductive procedures.